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Our branding, educational, and marketing efforts doubled MitoSwab™ sales inside of nine months.

Molecular diagnostic testing is a 9.2 billion dollar industry. Advancements in portable and affordable sequencers and other testing materials have facilitated numerous new testing companies. This sector is expected to grow exponentially due to the influx of new technology, the relapse and introduction of new infectious diseases, development of self- tests, and the growing demand for advanced cancer diagnostic tests and genetic testing.

We service this expanding market by assisting our clients with:

  • Unmet Need Verification
  • Market Anaylis
  • Implementation of Market Strategy,
  • Regulatory
  • Acquisitions
  • Medicare and Medicaid Submissions
  • Private Insurance
  • Expansion
  • Acquisition of Hospital Contracts
  • Branding
  • Print Marketing
  • Online Marketing Strategy

Current Molecular Testing Includes:

• Buccal Swab Mitochondrial Function – MitoSwab™ 
• Mitochondrial DNA and DNA Sequencing – MitoSeQ™
     Product of Religen Labs
• Autoantibody Testing for Folate Receptors – FRAT®
     Product of Illiad Neurosciences
• Cholesterol Efflux Function Test – CholEffluX™
     Product of Vascular Strategies LLC

COVID-19 Testing
COVID–19 Antigen Testing (multiple platforms)
COVID–19 Antibody Testing (multiple platforms)
Telemedicine Physicians (as needed)
Phlebotomist on Site (as needed)
Tailored Testing Recommendations

Sourced from several CLIA certified labs in the US

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